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Brain drain in Kazakhstan: reasons and consequences. «Push factors affecting emigration from Kazakhstan»

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dc.description.abstract This work aims to identify the causes of emigration from Kazakhstan, including intellectual migration also known as brain drain. The relationship between GDP per capita, total unemployment, corruption perceptions index, GINI index, Human Development Index, Voice and Accountability, Rule of Law, Political Stability and Absence of Violence/Terrorism, Government Effectiveness and emigration from Kazakhstan is being examined in the paper. The main purpose of the study is to identify and assess the relationship in the Kazakh labor market and the conditionality of migration decisions among people. To achieve this goal, the following thesis was put forward: due to working conditions in the Kazakhstani market and uncertain political situation, highly qualified workers emigrate to more favorable destinations. Due to the changing nature of work and decline of labor force equipped with necessary skills the functioning of the economic system may be jeopardized. Exodus of young and educated workforce is not only a considerable economic loss, but also it has a societal impact signifying that people are not able to realize their potential in their own countries. In the frame of the research it was revealed that unemployment and uncertain political situation, violations of rule of law mostly affects the decision to emigrate resulting in a brain drain. Better working conditions and long-term economic stability abroad justify the migration decisions of highly qualified labor in Kazakhstan. In this study, migration is considered as a socio-economic process, from the standpoint of its links with the labor market, the standard of living of the population and other socio-economic and political indicators in Kazakhstan. ru_RU
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dc.publisher "M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University". Nur-Sultan ru_RU
dc.subject Definition of “brain drain”, Brain drain in Kazakhstan ru_RU
dc.title Brain drain in Kazakhstan: reasons and consequences. «Push factors affecting emigration from Kazakhstan» ru_RU
dc.type Диссертация (Thesis) ru_RU

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